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Lisa and Marty Callahan – Co-Founders and Mitchell’s Parents


Lisa and Marty are the parents of Mitchell and three other beautiful children.


Lisa manages Mitchell’s needs on a daily basis. She holds a BSBA in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. Her professional experience includes sales positions at TRC Termco, TransUnion and Memphis Glove. She left the work force to be a stay-at-home mom which includes coordinating 5 – 6 individual therapists, Mitchell’s education, medical treatments and other assorted therapies and working on behalf of the foundation all while managing a household. Lisa is active in her church and school while managing to train for running events like the Columbus Marathon. Her energy and passion for Mitchell and the foundation are what keeps us going.


Marty holds a BSBA in Business Administration and Marketing from the Ohio State University. His professional career of over 25 years includes business leadership positions at TransUnion, Foresight Corporation, Visionary Systems and is currently the COO of Data Image. Along with Lisa, Marty has been active in several Autism causes. He served on the committee that established the Autism Scholarship which allows families with children on the spectrum to utilize a voucher to attend schools tailored for their needs. Marty has also testified to Ohio congressional committees regarding issues surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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Lori Vaughan


Lori and her husband Mike reside in Westerville, OH and are the parents of three beautiful children. She and her family have been close friends of Mitchell and the Callahan family for more than 20 years. Lori holds degrees from the Ohio State University with a BSBA Information Systems and later gaining her MBA. She has professional experience in the business community with software development companies Practical Solutions, Inc. and Symix, Inc. Lori has been a part of Mitchell’s life since he first arrived in the U.S. Lori’s most important vocation began when she became pregnant with their third child and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Lori assists the foundation in event planning and grant application review.

Natalie Doan


Natalie and her husband TJ reside in Westerville are the parents of two beautiful children. She was Mitchell’s first ABA therapist when she was an undergraduate at Ohio Wesleyan University. Natalie holds a BA in Psychology, Politics and Government and a JD from Capital University Law School. She is currently the Chief Division Counsel at the Ohio Department of Commerce and was previously an Attorney for the Legal Aid Society of Columbus. Natalie and her family have been close friends with Mitchell and the Callahan family for more than 10 years. Natalie assists the foundation with legal review and counsel and oversight.

Brian Reed


Brian and his wife Kristin reside in Westerville, OH and are the parents of three beautiful children. He and his family have been close friends of Mitchell and the Callahan family for over 10 years. Brian holds a BSBA in Finance and Real Estate from the Ohio State University. He has been an entrepreneur for a large part of his professional career first as the president of Accelerated Construction Services, Ltd. and now as the Founder and Owner of Mojo Tajo, LLC. Brian is constantly looking for positive “Mojo” and brings creativity and inspiration to our team and assists with event planning and big dreams.

Josh Richards


Josh and his wife Erin reside in Minneapolis, MN and are soon to be parents. He also happens to be Mitchell’s cousin! Josh holds a BSBA in Management and Marketing from Wittenberg University. His professional career includes marketing and program management positions at Merit Solutions and previously at Springboard Marketing Group. Josh is also the Lil Mac Kids Webmaster. He is constantly improving our image through our website and is tireless in assisting the foundation in planning and strategy.


Please join us in our efforts to raise Autism  Awareness, support education, and most importantly, to assist families living with Autism. We are always looking for ways to add another piece to the puzzle - but we can't do it alone! Add your piece by making a donation today. E-mail: