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nikki w.


Hello Again Friends,

It's me... Nikki. Thank you so much for accepting my scholarship application! My mom is so excited to be able to enroll me in vision therapy and community classes so that I can learn new skills and make new friends. I will be starting Vision Therapy soon; I even found my homework and started working on it all by myself!

At The Jungle Gym I am working on learning to do a cartwheel, my instructor says I'm fearless on the balance beam, and just last week I climbed all the way to the top of the rock climbing wall! My mom is checking into some classes at the community center. I'm thinking about a course to teach me some easy ways to calm my body and make me feel better when I get frustrated. They also have some art classes that sound really fin. Because of your help, I might even be able to do both!

My mom has included some recent pictures of me enjoying the great outdoors with some of my new friends. With spring in the air I can't wait to find other activities to be involved in so I can meet more friends.

Thank you again for taking the time to help kids just like me. We might be little, but you are making a big difference.

Your friend,

Nikki W. & Family




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