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lochlan w.


Dear MAC Foundation,

Please accept our family’s heartfelt thanks for your assistance. My wife and I literally had tears in our eyes. I wanted to express our appreciation for your generosity for supporting Lochlan. Your commitment is extremely supportive and what your foundation represents to families around Ohio is incredible.

Our story was typical, we realized something was wrong around 18 months. All speech and eye contact seemed to fade away over night. Not being familiar with Autism we assumed like most parents that he had hearing problems due to multiple ear infections. He was given tubes and months later tested for more hearing issues. We waited, hoped, and prayed to see signs of advancements.

Our son Lochlan was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 and a half years old. My wife and I were thrown into this world of Autism not knowing where to start. We just knew there had to be some kind of treatment to help him. A month later he started ABA therapy. Six months into the therapies we noticed little changes and improvements. After about a year of ABA Lochlan started using sign language, PECS, and pointing as his main way of communication. Lochlan can now follow simple task and acts like any other kid his age. He’s come along way, but still has a long journey ahead of himself.

We are ecstatic to report that within the last week Lochlan has said “mum” and “me do” several times. We will use the monies to schedule additional Speech and Occupational therapies hopefully improving him even farther.

Thank you for your generosity and hard work! I can honestly say that your foundation has touched our hearts. Hopefully one day we will be fortunate enough to give back.

Love the new website. Feel free to use Lochlan's pictures on it.


Thomas and Allison W.




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