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Kaden U.


Dear Lisa, Marty (and the Lil MAC Kids Foundation),

Wow, just Wow! Thank you so very much for your assistance for Kaden! Your generousity is just overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

Kaden is a very loving, wonderful boy who needs some extra help to see him reach his potential. Because of you, Kaden will be able to get some extra therapy and continue with Mercy Autism Services. He is currently nonverbal, but we are trying! He appears to be making some very deliberate attempts at speech. While it is usually not clear what he is trying to communicate, the sounds he is making really seem to be intentional syllables and attempts at short sentences. I have to wonder if he has very clear thoughts in his brain that just aren't able to come out clearly through a natural voice. We are just hopeful that at some point his brain and mouth will be able to come to an agreement and make a connection!

Thank you for seeing the worth and potential in our child to help him reach his goals!

I will gladly keep in touch as Kaden progresses.

With Many Thanks -

Shannon and Jason U.




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