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amanda b.

 Lil MAC Kids,

We wanted to take the time to sincerely thank your foundation for the wonderful monetary blessing you provided our children with. Words alone cannot express our gratitude for such a wonderful gift and organization. Both of our children have been diagnosed with Autism and it has been beyond difficult for our family to financially provide for their unique needs. In addition to the ASD diagnosis, our eldest has multiple medical problems including undergoing brain surgery last year. This has only added to our struggles to provide our babies the therapies, medicines and treatments that they are in desperate need of. A huge burden was lifted from our shoulders when we received Lil Mac Kid's gift for our children. It has provided us valuable treatment for the children for months. We know of no foundation as wonderful as Lil Mac and as willing to give back to the autism community. May your foundation continue to grow and thrive as your spread love and hope for Ohio families of children with Autism.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in raising funds or supporting your organization. We would be honored to come alongside you in anyway we are able to. May God bless you well beyond how you've blessed us.


Amanda B.






Please join us in our efforts to raise Autism  Awareness, support education, and most importantly, to assist families living with Autism. We are always looking for ways to add another piece to the puzzle - but we can't do it alone! Add your piece by making a donation today. E-mail:

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