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Dear Lisa and Marty,

Our entire family wants to thank you for the wonderful and generous donation towards the continuing education of our son, Alex. We consider Alex and his growth today a direct result of intensive and aggressive early intervention. He has made huge strides over the last year and a half. When we applied for your scholarship, he was involved in a 32-hour/week program called CHIP through St. V's Mercy Children's Hospital that uses a multidisciplinary approach to serve preschoolers on the Autism Spectrum.

Over the course of that year, we saw our little boy turn from an unhappy, introverted child with frequent and frightening tantrums to a child who loves to play with his older brother and engage with his classmates. While we still fight for Alex's continued success, we feel the early intervention we received at St. V's was the catalyst for Alex's amazing transformation. Today he attends the transitional typical=peer preschool that the CHIP program uses for the second part of their program, Gateway Pre-K School in Toledo. He has finally started interacting with his fellow classmates and has even started to sing and clap along during music time! With Alex's hearing impairment and sensory sensitivities, this used to be the hardest part of his day.

He continues with occupational therapy at his other school and daycare in Holland, OH. His occupational therapist has been with Alex for over two and a half years and she continues to see progress over each session. His ability to concentrate and handle frustration has been developing rapidly over the last few months. This is such an important milestone for us! Frustration is a hard emotion for anyone, parents, typical siblings, etc... we are so proud of Alex and his continued progress on this difficult task.

Once again, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your help. We will use the scholarship money to pay off Alex's year at St. V's CHIP program and to pay his transitional preschool tuition through the end of the school year. This also gives us the ability to send him to some of Gateway's amazing week-long camp programs throughout the summer. he is blossoming at Gateway and we look forward to one more year of growth and adjustment there before his first year at kindergarten t the local elementary school.

Thanks again, Lisa and Marty. Your hard work and generosity are truly appreciated and we wish you continued success with your foundation and with your son, Mitchell.


Matthew and Lauren M




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